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Recovery Roadmapping

Recovery Roadmapping is a clinically-based process in which we assess and assist our clients in creating an individualized recovery plan.

What is recovery roadmapping?

Designed with complex and chronic relapsing clients in mind, recovery roadmapping includes data collected from evidence-based psychological assessments performed by a PhD Addiction Specialist, pharmacogenetic testing, traditional recovery approaches, and hands-on intervention and coaching techniques to create and implement individualized recovery plans.

Performed in less than 72 hours, recovery roadmapping offers our clients the access to data-driven treatment recommendations to ensure long-term success in recovery.

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A NEW APPROACH TO intervention:

Data-Driven Recovery Plans

Psychological Assessment

Using an array of cutting edge evidence-based clinical assessments, we are able to gain new insight into present problems that have gone unaddressed

Pharmacogenetic Testing

We facilitate genetic testing to evaluate and determine which medications will be most effective in treating co-occurring mental health disorders going forward

Grassroots Recovery

By integrating traditional models of recovery (12-step, mindfulness) into the clinical process, we are able to provide a holistic recovery roadmap that goes beyond the data

Family Systems

We treat the individual and the family as one. The roadmap includes recommendations for the entire family system to begin the process of healing and recovery


Perhaps the more unique aspect of this service, we curate our findings and compile the data into a concise document (roadmap) that is both easy to digest and actionable

Intervention & Coaching

Immediately following the completion of the roadmap, we assist our clients in implementing the plan by using proven intervention & coaching techniques

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