A team of certified professionals

We are an experienced team with a deep passion for helping people with Substance Use and Mental Health issues. We love those who can't love themselves.

Alex Cable
Founder, Interventionist, Recovery Coach

Alex's passion for interventions and helping those struggling with Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders comes from years of dealing with it himself. After struggling with addiction, his path to recovery began after a successful intervention. Inspired by the positive impact that occurred, it became obvious that helping others the same way was his calling.

Over the last 7 years, he has dedicated himself to the field of addiction. He has served in a variety of settings from publicly funded detox facilities, supporting admissions and alumni services at nationally renowned treatment centers, and working closely with the NFL. Alex currently holds certifications as a Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Fitness in Recovery Coach, and Interventionist, which put him in the best place to help families struggling with addiction.

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Griffin Jarzombek
Certified Addiction Specialist, Interventionist, Recovery Coach

Griffin has been working in the recovery field since 2013. Holding positions in almost every level-of-care ranging from detox, drug court, inpatient and outpatient care, sober living, and most recently intervention and extended companionship. His personal experience in living with chronic addiction has allowed him to understand the nature of the illness and its impact on individuals and their families.

Griffin holds licensure as a Certified Addiction Specialist, has accrued 15,000+ clinically supervised hours, helped develop outpatient programming at a nationally recognized treatment center, and has been trained by the world-renowned interventionist Earl Hightower.

Griffin credits his own recovery as his main source of passion to live life to the fullest and continue helping as many people and families as possible.

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Kelsey Huberty
Licensed Professional Counselor & Addiction Counselor

Kelsey obtained her master’s in addiction counseling from Hazelden with additional training in mental health counseling. Having experience in a variety of roles and settings ranging from Counselor to Clinical Director at nationally known substance treatment facilities, her holistic approach assesses each client to determine what will be most helpful for them.

As a passionate advocate of gender-specific treatment, particularly for women, she has helped to improve and develop both programs and clinicians alike. Working directly with clients, helping them to overcome life’s challenges and discover their own inner wisdom and resources is what she enjoys most.

Kelsey considers it a true privilege to support her clients as they move through the difficulties they are facing in their lives. Having had her own struggles in life, she considers herself to be a wounded healer who can provide great empathy and guidance.

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