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Sober Companions

Peer-to-peer services such as companions and transports are highly effective in times of transition or crisis. We provide 24/7 support in any situation.

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There are all kinds of scenarios that bring a person to seeking sobriety, stability, and wellness. We know how important it is to feel safe and supported during the change process. Our compassionate approach and clinical background enables us to be client-centered and adapt to our client's needs. Whether we're needed for simple transport or complex long-term companionship, we offer 24/7 professional support in any situation.

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How sober companions & Transports Work

Support in every situation

Intervention to treatment

Following the intervention, your loved one will require safe passage to the treatment facility. We will help navigate airports, rental cars, and many other miscellaneous aspects involved in travel.

Between programs

Door-to-door travel is essential during transitions. Often it will be moving from one level-of-care to another or post-relapse. We support our clients in feeling safe and supported during travel.


Discharging from treatment can be a very scary time for people in early recovery. Our staff is extremely skilled in providing safe passage and facilitating a safe landing into a new environment.

Situational companions

Appointments, events, functions, or other high risk situations can be difficult as they have ability to trigger a relapse. Utilizing the support of a companion is a safe way to provide non-invasive accountability.

Short-term companions

Short-term companion support can be the difference maker in many situations. Moving through early recovery with grace and resiliency is no easy task, so we offer our services to ensure positive steps forward.

Long-term companions

When long-term support is needed it's typically because the situation requires a unique and creative solution. Our experience working in traditional treatment allows us to provide both clinical and technical support long-term.

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