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Care Management

Care management means looking at recovery as a process. From early-intervention to relapse prevention, we offer support and accountability from start to finish.

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint

Long-term recovery is directly linked to both a solid support system and accountability. We help reinforce positive daily habits, community involvement, financial wellness, and recovery disciplines.

Through care management, measurable and attainable goals are set so that progress can be tracked. We believe in giving our clients the tools to become independent while guiding them to a life they love in recovery. We coach our clients and families to be successful in spite of whatever challenges they may face.

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Managing Ongoing Care

Treatment planning

Choosing the right level-of-care can be challenging and confusing. Our industry experience allows us the ability to make informed decisions regarding care.

Recovery resources

Our extended network of professionals, providers, and ancillary resources is our greatest asset. We build supports around our clients that set them up for success.

Hands-on coaching

Although we are highly trained professionals, we are also persons living in recovery. We offer practical guidance and share our lived experience to support our clients.

Setting & achieving goals

Nothing excites us more than seeing a person find purpose and meaning in their life. We like to help our clients set and meet goals that restore confidence and independence.

High accountability

Our consistent check-in process supports ongoing growth and positive change. We hold our clients accountable by reinforcing their desire to change.

In-person & virtual work

The pandemic taught us just how important it is to remain connected at all times. We believe in having constant communication with our clients and their families.

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