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Surrender Consulting has created an approach influenced by years of practice and experience.  Our Client-First Intervention Model is tailored to meet any need.

Solution-focused interventions

Our Client-First Intervention Model personalizes the intervention technique to meet the clinical needs of the client, family, and situation to give everyone the best possible long-term outcome. No two interventions are the same so personalization is key. We have successfully intervened upon Substance Use Disorders, primary Mental Health clients, Dual Diagnosis and Process Addictions. Flexibility and a client-centered approach is always at the core our successful intervention models.

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How it works

Step 01

Reach out to  us to determine if an intervention is appropriate for your loved one.  If we decide that an intervention is necessary after the first consultation, we will move forward with the pre-intervention work.

Step 02

The pre-intervention phase consists of collecting and organizing all relevant information. building an intervention team, and finalizing financials and logistics.

Step 03

The final phase of the process involves executing a successful intervention. We will review all of the work done prior with you to ensure the best possible outcome.

We specialize in three types of interventions

Intervention Types



The Invitational Intervention treats the family system rather than taking an adversarial approach. The invitational model includes an educational method to help each member of the family get the help they need to heal from the destructive effects of Substance Use.



Catching your loved one off guard can produce a very positive outcome. Surprise Interventions are used when a person likely would not show up when invited. This approach can be slightly more adversarial, but is effective in the right circumstances.



When your loved one is in imminent danger and we no longer have the luxury of time, a Crisis Intervention is the recommended approach. This model involves less family inclusion and more responsive, quick-acting tactics. We thrive in this situation.

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